ATV In Jerusalem

ATV tours in Jerusalem

One of the most powerful and exciting experiences that can be experienced in Jerusalem is taking a trip to ATVs or RZR in the vicinity of Jerusalem. ATVs are available for a ride with a guide or even drivers in order to enjoy explanations about the history of the places you will visit. Jerusalem is full of historical stories of places and you can rent the ATVs and stop for a romantic picnic or friends in nature. Not far from Jerusalem, in Gush Etzion, there are a variety of routes that are very suitable for ATV tours and riders that allow for an interesting and experiential trip.


?What ATV trips can be done in Jerusalem

There are a variety of routes that allow exciting ATV tours. One of the most popular tours is a walk in the vineyards near Gush Etzion. You can also go to the wineries to see the unique growth methods and and not just it, you can stop in the countryside and refresh the wonderful place, stop for a cup of coffee by the side of a refreshing springs and more. If you want to learn a bit more about the history of Jerusalem in an experiential way, you can plan the trip of the ATVs so that you will pass through historic sites from the time of 500 BC. In addition, it is possible to go out for rides in Jerusalem. As mentioned above, while the ATV’s are an open tools that riding on them is similar to riding a motorcycle, the RZR are vehicles that allow multi-passenger seating.


ATV Group Tours

ATVs tours are suitable for different sizes of groups. a couple can find the trip as an intimate and romantic experience that combines sitting alongside a spring with a cup of coffee or wine, while large groups can ride with several ATV’s one by one and enjoy a fun day for the whole family. In fact, riders can be assembled from 2 years old and above.  On the other hand, even people of the third age can enjoy an exciting experience while traveling on ATVs or RZRs. There is no doubt that ATV tours are a great gift for birthdays, fun days outside and a perfect way of celebrating life.


A trip with ATVs is considered an enjoyable experience and it also  allows you to travel in many places in a short time, to learn a variety of topics related to the areas that you pass by. In fact, ATV combines nature, machine and man humans through an exciting extreme experience. Gush Etzion is a wonderful place for a rural experience by all opinions. After the ATVs tour you might ask your guide about more places to visit around.