ATV In Jerusalem


Many people are looking for an unusual and exciting trip at the most lovely landscape in Israel. This is the reason that they will be interesting for ATV tour at the Jerusalem hills. There are many companies that offer great routes such as Judea Mountains, springs and valleys. On the last few years, the extreme sport became very familiar in Israel. Most of the ATV tour companies offer safe and modern ATV's which suit up to 4 persons.                                                


The Israelis love the feeling of adrenaline that flows through their veins when they enjoy the special trips in the spectacular landscapes o the hills and slopes of Jerusalem and the close area .This kind of trip, becomes more special by driving on ATV and rangers.                                                              


Get excited by driving ATVs in pastoral landscapes of Jerusalem            


The ATV trip, start from wearing helmets and a short brief from the guide. It should be noted that ATV trip required a valid driving license for more than a year. There are ATV tracks which adapted according to different driving levels and driving experience in terrain conditions.                                                       


 Luckily, the land of Israel is full of beautiful and interesting places/ However, ATV trips and razors are especially available in high mountains places. Where you can all enjoy steep rises and turns which enhance the driving experience. You don’t have to drive so far for getting the experience of ATV trips. You can drive just half an hour from the center of Israel and you will encounter wild nature full of vegetation and tall trees, springs and various wild animals and rare birds                                                                                                             


                    How to choose the right company of ATV in Jerusalem?


 There are many companies who offer ATV trips and different routes, but you should choose a company that specializes in ATV trips in a geographical area, such as Jerusalem and its environs. Regush, is one of the most famous and well known companies in Ezion area. You can choose a one hour tour, two hours tour in a variety of routes, including a stop for explanations and observations.                                                                                                        


Our tours depart from Alon Shvut in the Judea hills about 15 minutes from Jerusalem. We will take you on amazing paths that go through streams and springs, you will climb mountains and hills in an amazing region and you will be amazed from the magnificent views. Regush is undoubtedly the best attraction in Gush Etzion area/ our company, establishes out of love for the Judean region and its landscapes, according to extra- terrain vehicles. Join us and take place I a rare experience of ATV tours at Mother Nature that only Rigush company can offer you. 


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