ATV In Jerusalem

ATV tours in Jerusalem –  enjoy a challenging and experiential trip


If you have just decided to take a special and unusual trip with your  friends or family,

so this just the right time to go on ATV tours in Jerusalem. Let the adrenaline to flow through your veins and you will love this unforgettable experience

. This trip is characterized by amazing mountains, green scenery, springs and fresh air.

You can find field trips, by driving a modern and safe ATV. These ATV can fit a couple and for 3-4 persons.             

The ATVs are driving tools designed for open spaces for up to 4 persons and it depends by the choice of the ATV It is   The propulsion of the ATVs is based on 2X2, or 4X4, and their grip is considered as the most stable in terrain conditions. Most people driving on ATV testify to the experience of thrill that they felt on this special t challenging.                                                                                                   


 Those who like motor sports, and challenging experience, will enjoy Atv trips in areas such as dunes, terrains, hills, and much more challenging areas with breathtaking views. You can find many routes if you will book ATV trips in Jerusalem in areas like Ben Shemen, Latrun and more. The mountain's area in Jerusalem The Jerusalem mountains area is one of the most suitable field for ATV trips.                                                                                                       


 It is recommended to gather all the useful information before taking an ATV trips


 Make sure, before you think about taking an ATV trip in Jerusalem that you have all the useful information.

When you will start to gather the information about those trips.

You will probably find out, that ATV's have a steel frame that gives the ATV stability and resistance any danger.

ATV trips should be supervised by a professional guide who specializes in this field.  The guide will prevent you from danger and therefore his instructions must be obeyed. .     

You can celebrate a special birthday, a wedding offer or anniversary in a special way like ATV trip

. One of the most obvious advantages of those ATV trips is that you can enjoy this trip, during all the year's seasons.                       

One of the most professional company who offers ATV trips in Jerusalem


In order to enjoy an ATV trip

, you should choose one of the most experienced companies in Jerusalem, such as  ReGush  which have been engaged  for  many years in  ATV tours and razors. The company offers special routes such as Judean Hills. The Judean desert and more. Our company offers open vehicles with 4 seats and other kinds of ATV.

The company has regular customers who testify on unforgettable experience