Jeep Tracks

Regush provides unique Jeep tours for children, adults, families, groups and individuals in a comfortable, air-conditioned jeep with exciting routes that combine culture, history, and education with a specialized guided tour.


The recommended routes are:

Option 2 -  Judean Desert Route - 3-4 hours


This route leaves from Gush Etzion and heads into the Judean Desert with a stop in a Bedouin encampment for an authentic cultural encounter with the Bedouin way of life. The next stop is at an unbelievable vantage point at Rujum Anka. The tour continues past a number of observation points stopping at the top of a cliff overlooking breathtaking views of Jordan and the Dead Sea.


This is a breathtaking route that brings travelers together with breathtaking desert views from the Judean Hills to the lowest place in the world, including fascinating insight on desert secrets.

 we do tours From Jerusalem to the Desert

 * Additional routes are available

Option 1 - Gush Etzion Route - 2 hours


This route begins with a vantage point overlooking the King Solomon Pools, through Sadeh Boaz, then along the Path of the Forefathers.


Along the route we pass alongside a Roman milestone and a mikvah from the times of the second temple. We cap off our tours with a visit and voluntary swim in the springs of Gush Etzion


This is a fascinating historical track that explains the story of Gush Etzion from the time of the Forefathers till the present day, and a wonderful experience from a captivating mountainous landscape and charming stops along the way.