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  Pat BaMelach                                      

Pat BaMelach is a unique artisan bread bakery in the heart of

Gush Etzion. Pat BaMelach offers hands-on workshops, giving participants historical, educational, cultural and tasty bread-making activities.Come and spend some time in our wheelchair-accessible, air-conditioned facility in pastoral Gush Etzion. The workshops are held at the bakery on Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim and led by Rabbi David Katz. We are also thrilled to announce that we have opened a second location in Efrat. Our new facility, overlooking the Judaean hills, is home to our

factory, retail store and cafe .                                                           


    Contact Info:                                                    

 Phone number: 02-5020262





                                    Kashuela Farm                                            

In Gvaot forest, inside wonderful views, located a magical farm!

Are you looking for a special and quiet vacation?

Kashuela Farm is the perfect place for you!

Camping in indian tents

?Large tents or under thousands of stars- Sounds  cool, right



          Location: יער הל"ה

          Email address:

          phone number: 0525456020 Yair


                     Gush Etzion Winery  

The Visitor’s Center is surrounded by Vineyards

with spectacular views and we invite you to visit the world of wine at the Gush Etzion Winery. Come breathe the Gush Etzion air and let the enticing area draw you in to the variety of activities and options to choose from. Look out to the high Judean hills and take a look back in time as you learn the history of wine making and its process. There are so many things to do at the Visitor’s Center and the surrounding area.  Some of the activities include professional wine tastings, which features a fascinating explanation of the wine process both from ancient times as well as modern times. There are guided tours, jeep tours of the winery’s vineyards, a full wine gallery with our products as well as wine accessories and much much more.Gush Etzion Winery

Tel:  02-9309220


                                       Ruth’s Home                                

Looking for a personalized experience of Israel off the beaten track?

 we invite you to stay with us at Ruth’s Home!

Ruth’s Home is situated in the “Galilee of Jerusalem”, amidst vineyards, orchards and natural springs.

 Built with love and furnished with unique handmade wood art, Ruth’s Home offers a space of inspiration and relaxation.

At Ruth’s Home,

 we host couples for overnight staysintimate

boutique event and unique workshops.

phone number: 0524317074


The Workshop Gush Etzion                      

We invite you to join us in The Workshop Gush Etzion for a hands-on, fun and creative experience, making your own piece of Judaica using wood and other materials.

By working with your hands and on some of our machinery, you’ll get an idea of what goes in to creating our mostly custom-made pieces at 

Enjoy a bonding opportunity for families, work fun-days, date nights, Bar/Bat Mitzva’s etc… in our bright, air-conditioned facility located in the Industrial Zone of Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim.

Mandy & Jeremy Broder, a husband/wife team, with a background in design and engineering, will guide you through the process of understanding the materials you’re using, to make your own piece of Judaica that you  can show off with pride to all who  see!!!          


phone : 0546785813