This route, which follows the blessing of the tribe of Judah: "Osri to Gefen his city ... washed wine and betrayed", is a tour of the wide vineyards of Gush Etzion. We begin on the path of our forefathers to the Gush Etzion winery vineyards at the foot of Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim and from there we continue back through the lone wooden valley.


price: 150 ILS per person


This amazing route combines all the offerings of Gush Etzion - from the breathtaking views to the unique history beginning from the biblical days to the present. The two-hour route includes a stop for coffee and a dip in Yitzhak’s spring and the Dubak’s pond


Price: 240 ILS per person




This route runs between the beautiful natural springs of Gush Etzion. Our tour exits from Re Gush to Ein Abu Kalev through the old Masuot Yitzhak. We visit Ein Hovala in Bat Ayin, and from there go to Cherbat Jumjum, which is an ancient settlement from the Maccabees.



price: 200 ILS per person


This route exits from ReGush in Alon Shvut to Givat HaHish. Our tour begins by passing through the Emek HaBiar and from there we ascend to the Path of the Patriarchs and visit a unique mikvah from the time of the Second Temple and stop for a brief instruction. We continue on the path of the ancient forefathers to the amazing vineyards of Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim, overlooking the biblical Betar and then ascend to the spring of Ein Sela - the road our ancestors passed on their way to Jerusalem. 



Price: 150 ILS per person

All of our tours are accompanied with a fascinating guide by a highly experienced tour guide who explains the connection of the tour to the history of Gush Etzion and Jeruslem.​